Friday, 20 February 2015

A Checklist before Calling an HVAC Expert

If you are having trouble with your furnace or air condition in Detroit, do an initial check of your heating or cooling units before jumping the gun and calling an expert. It pays off to do these checks first as they can save you money while minimizing the disruption to your daily activities. If you’re not sure on what to do, here are some helpful tips you can consider:

1.) Examine your air filter. If you’re having trouble with your AC, check your filter first. People forget to routinely replace and clean their filters. After swapping out the filter, let your system run to see if there are positive changes. If there is none, it’s time to call for an expert at air condition repair in Detroit.

2.) Give your circuit breaker and switches a check. It seems like a very basic thing to check, but it can easily be forgotten. These switches and breakers can be turned off by accident, but if there’s a trip in the switch, call a professional right away.

3.) Check for any blockage. An HVAC system can be blocked by something as simple as furniture, which creates problems. Make sure that the air flow within your house is not obstructed by objects.

Still Having Problems?

If you’ve checked and even gone through the trouble do double checking your HVAC system and it looks like things still aren’t working properly, it may be a job for a professional. When dealing with air condition or furnace repair in Detroit, it’s best to call in an expert to avoid damaging your system or getting injured.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Let There Be Light When Emergency Strikes

These days, when there is no electricity, it becomes so much harder for us to function! During extraordinary times and emergency cases, having the opportunity to give your home light and power is a blessing. When there is a failure due to power interruptions caused by weather disasters like thunderstorms and ice storms, a Michigan Residential Generator is something you can count on. FLAME is able to provide homes with the right generator size they need.

Benefits of a FLAME Home Generator System

Choosing the right generator system for your house is a tough decision and an expensive investment, which is why it is wise to consider all the benefits the system can provide you. Here you can find the top reasons why FLAME’s Generator System is a top choice:

• Peace of Mind The home generator system is powered automatically when there is a power outage, whether you are at home or you are away. This ensures that your home is protected from potential property damage.

• Convenience Due to the permanent connection to your home’s power supply through an automatic power switch. The concern for interrupted power, extension cords, and a continuous gas supply is eliminated.

• Low-Cost and Continuous Supply With the generation relying on natural gas, it is a safer and endless fuel supply. 

The Time of Living in the Dark Ends Today

You will be able to rest easier when you know that your home has a standby generator. No need to worry about power failures when there’s natural gas to rely on. The power is in your hands now; contact FLAME Furnace, your go to furnace repair in Detroit, who can offer you more.